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The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida

The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida

Our Mission

is to empower youth to develop character, social awareness and leadership qualities. Using a combination of project-based mentoring, animal interactions and research-based programming, we equip youth to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, find their purpose and strive to be successful members of their community.

In an effort to affect the cycles of adversity, victimization, violence, crime and suicide in our community, we have developed an after school and Saturday program geared towards youth that are displaying at risk behaviors.

Taking from the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida will work to foster positive mentoring relationships with youth that are in need of support. In addition to an ongoing support system, through the animal interactions, the innovative environment of the ranch, team-building activities, brain basics curriculum and a self-sufficient farm we will work to fill the lives of these youth with positive experiences and important life skills. The purpose of each interaction will be to encourage the development of a healthy self-esteem, self-respect and decision-making tools.


Phone: 239-253-7744

Registered Charity: 83-1638683